Los Angeles native and Grammy nominated producer  has just released his latest summertime fering in the form  ‘Would It Be Ok’ alongside vocalist .

With the sweet vocals  Angel Taylor, AFSHeeN’s ‘Would It Be Ok’ draws attention to the worldwide issue mental health and that it’s okay that not every day will go according to plan. AFSHeeN has set out to speak to a generation that should have realistic expectations the world around them while not trying to model their lives after the ones they see in the media.

The lyrical inspiration the single grows a much deeper meaning as Angel Taylor shares a tragic experience that made her entire world stop in the blink an eye. In between time spent locked inside her studio and touring the globe she got into a life-changing car accident. She spent the following weeks in a hospital bed that she depicted as “some the hardest she’d] ever lived”. Taylor triumphantly overcame adversity and channelled her fears, doubts and despair through this powerful anthem that encourages listeners to see light in every dark situation.

Angel Taylor’s soulful vocals laid over a lively instrumental from AFSHeeN blend together harmoniously for a summertime ballad possessing tremendous replay value while eliciting a sentimental reaction that nearly anyone can relate with.  ‘Would It Be Ok’ is yet another masterful manifestation the well-executed balancing act played between AFSHeeN’s roots in popular music and an affinity for dance, with this edition providing insight into yet another facet his ever evolving artistic diversity.