24-Year-Old Dies At Music Festival After Combining MDMA, Cocaine & More

A 24-year-old Melbourne man who attended Strawberry Fields Music Festival over the weekend has died of a suspected overdose.

The man was taken to the medical tent at approximately 12:45 am on Sunday of the festival. Staff were told he took a cocktail of MDMA, cocaine and GHB. He suffered cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead around 2 am.

NSW Police confirmed the news, which Superintendent Jason Weinstein described as “very sad and very heartbreaking for the family.”

He also said, “All it takes is one pill to kill … If anyone is thinking of consuming an illegal substance it’s really like playing Russian roulette, you’re really loading a bullet into a gun and firing.”

Another 20-something man was rushed to the hospital from Spilt Milk festival. The man was in critical condition when he arrived but was reportedly later discharged.


Source: The Age | Photo via Strawberry Fields/ZEAZY