​MasterSounds has launched its second generation suite with Union Audio

MasterSounds has released its next generation suite products, building on the success the previous Radius DJ mixers.

The new suite includes a new 4v flagship analogue DJ mixer series, the MasterSounds FX unit, LinearPOWER power supply accessory and v2 the Radius 2 and 4 mixer range.

As a response to customer requests, the linear power supply accessory is now available at £299, described as a “solid, high performance accessory.”

The kit fers high-quality audio output, that “raises the bar for affordable high-end rotary mixers.”

Ryan Shaw, founder MasterSounds, said: “I am delighted to say that all our products are hand built by Andy at Union Audio in the south west England, ensuring the finest boutique quality.”

MasterSounds has also added a valve stage, which was a ‘must’ for the product.

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